Do you have back pain or pelvic floor problems?

Do you need to strengthen your core but know traditional core exercises don't help and can even make things worse?

Do you feel stressed or anxious?

Maybe you've tried various solutions but they've not worked for you?

Let me introduce you to the revolutionary Hypopressives Method

Join my online introductory workshop, Wednesday 19th June

Hypopressives is a core strengthening routine that targets the WHOLE body - which means as well as helping with pelvic floor dysfunction, you could also see improvements in:
  • back pain
  • stomach tone
  • waist size
  • posture
  • joint pain
  • athletic performance

Plus because of the focus on the breath you will learn to breathe better, making you feel more energised and less stressed!

Here are some of the results my clients have achieved:

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Got rid of prolapse symptoms and improved confidence in their body 

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No leaking when laughing, coughing, sneezing or with exercise

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Helped get rid of back pain and prevented recurrence 

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Toned abdominals and reduced waist size - one client lost 11cms!

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More relaxed, less stressed and anxious

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Better sleep and more energy

All achieved with just 10 minutes of practice a day!

Now you can learn the technique for yourself - attend my workshop to get going with your own practice!

Intro To Hypo Online Workshop

Wednesday 19th June - 7:00pm BST









Hypopressives means a reduction of pressure.

Traditional core training can cause an increase in pressure.  And if you have any dysfunction in your core - diastasis recti, hernia, incontinence, prolapse or back pain - increased pressure can make these worse.

In fact, when I prolapsed crunches were the first thing I gave up, along with high impact.  

When I started Hypopressives my stomach felt like I was sucking it in!  I wasn't but for the first time since I'd had kids, my core muscles were doing what they were designed to do!  It was like I was wearing a corset!

The more I trained, the more benefits I experienced:

  • no prolapse symptoms
  • sneezing and coughing had no effect
  • my pelvic floor lifts felt stronger
  • my waist measurement decreased
  • my stomach became more toned
  • I felt stronger when doing exercise

I love the start to my day - breathing practice, gentle exercise and easing out my body.  Practising regularly has also helped me with back and joint pain

It's helped to keep me relaxed - it's great for stress (and anxiety) because of the focus on the breath

It's improved my posture, especially my shoulders, which have a much better range of movement. 

And I have managed to add impact to my workouts at home and have upped my weights - all without any deleterious effects on my pelvic floor.

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Sarah Parker Fitness

“After the birth of my first baby I was really struggling with a pelvic floor injury and a weak core. Someone recommended hypopressives so in desperation I gave it a go - and I'm so glad I did!

Sarah is a brilliant teacher, she helped me master the technique really quickly and her classes are the highlight of my week.

This is so much more than a pelvic floor exercise, it's like I've been put back together again!”

Sarah Parker Fitness

“I had COVID and found deep breathing and some of the lessons Sarah gave helped - so I was keen to try hypopressives.

Concentrating on the exercises helps put the days stresses behind me. It also helps my core, posture and pelvic floor - I had a choking fit the other day and was delighted that my pelvic floor remained strong - and no leaking!”

Sarah Parker Fitness

“I feel like the benefits of Hypopressives are huge.

They cover my mental state, my physical state, my general wellbeing.

I can move more freely - I can get out of bed, I can get up and down much more easily. I can now get up the four flights of stairs to my office without getting breathless.

And I'm beginning to manage my anxiety better, slow it down, stop it sooner.”

Everything you need to get started in your practice

In this 60 minute Zoom workshop you will learn the full breathing technique

You'll also get access to a live class once a week for the 4 weeks - enabling you to practice, ask questions, learn more postures and perfect your technique.  The recording will also be available for you in your course

You'll get lifetime access to my Hypopressive workshop course so that you can keep reminding yourself of the technique and get cues as you practice.

All from the comfort of your own home.

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