Are you fed up of leaking and feeling uncomfortable?

Do you lack confidence in your body?

I can help!

Sneeze Wees and Cough Farts (In Action) Online Course

 - my 7 week method to pelvic floor confidence 

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Throughout this course you will:

  • strengthen your pelvic floor and start to see improvements to your leaking, pain or heaviness.  
  • learn how the pelvic floor links in with other parts of your body (what you do from your feet to your face affects your fanny!)
  • start to feel your core work automatically, not just when you kegel
  • see how you can incorporate these techniques into your regular exercise routine so you don't have to give up on the workouts you love.

Feel strong from the inside out, more confident and more like yourself again!

Here's what to expect from the course:

Weekly Focus

Each week you'll get an email detailing one aspect of your body to focus on - from breathing, to scars, to feet!  This will give you some clues to getting a better pelvic floor connection and also show up areas where there may be increased pressure on your pelvic floor

Key Exercises

You'll learn the exercises that have been shown to target the pelvic floor the most effectively.  Spending just 10 minutes daily will help you start to strengthen the pelvic floor.  And with new exercises to try each week you'll find the ones that suit you the best!


To have a fully functional pelvic floor, we want one that relaxes as well as lifts.  You will learn a variety of postures to relax in plus other releases for the pelvic floor and surrounding muscles. These will help to reduce pelvic pain and discomfort.


I'm a firm believer in knowledge is power!  So along the way you will be finding out more about your pelvic floor and it's connection to the rest of the body.  This will then give you a solid foundation for incorporating pelvic floor work into your day-to-day life and exercise routine.  It will also help you know what to do if you have a flare up of symptoms


You don't need to go through this alone or feel too embarrassed to ask questions.  Reach out to the Facebook group at any time.  You have weekly email support. And I'm always on hand to answer questions

Sarah Parker Fitness

“I felt definite improvements in my core and pelvic floor throughout the course. My tummy started to look more toned and I could see my baby belly start to shrink back.
It also gave me confidence in myself and my ability to recover.

I’ve learnt how to correctly exercise and strengthen my pelvic floor. Doing it correctly it definitely the key to recovery! As is the ability to learn how to combine the exercises with breathing techniques.”

Sarah Parker Fitness

“I was so impressed by all the course materials and Sarah’s expert knowledge in this area. She is always willing to answer questions and explains things so clearly. All the exercises are accessible and you can really feel them working.

I highly recommend this for anyone with concerns about their pelvic floor or just wanting to strengthen it to prevent problems in the future. ”

Sarah Parker Fitness

“Thanks to the programme, I have a better understanding of how my pelvic floor works. I leak less during high impact exercise, I am more aware of where I carry tension and my tummy and thighs are more toned! And I feel more confident”

Act Now And Get These Incredible Bonuses:

  • Full-length recovery class - these weekly online classes help you to practice the techniques you're learning and incorporate them into exercise.  It gives you time to yourself to breathe, relax and release tight muscles.  Exercise with confidence and see how you can get back to your regular exercise without straining the pelvic floor.
  • Membership site - you get lifetime access to your course making it easy to come back to when you need a refresher!  You can login at any time, anywhere and find your lessons, classes and releases. 
  • Facebook group - this private group is open for you to ask me any questions, share results and feel that you're not going through this on your own. 

When I prolapsed after giving birth 18 years ago, I made it my mission to heal myself and avoid surgery.  

I’ve studied with various programmes - from my initial kegel instructions to Burrell Education, Julie Wiebe, Antony Lo, Pfilates, Hypopressives and more!  This means there will be lots of techniques to try to find the one that you enjoy and that works for you.

I’ve been symptom-less for many years and have had success with these same techniques with hundreds of women - from new mums through to menopausal women.  I can’t wait to share them with you!

  • Sarah Parker Fitness

    “"I'd highly recommend this programme for every woman - whether you're trying to address specific issues after childbirth (such as pelvic floor weakness, leaking or prolapse) or not.

    If you want to feel stronger and walk taller you should try this.

    Before trying the programme I felt like my body was broken (after a traumatic birth) and that I'd never be able to get back to the activities I used to enjoy.

    It's helped me regain confidence in my body and get back that 'core connection'.  My posture has improved and I feel more like myself than I have in ages.  As an added bonus , it's definitely toned up my waist and thighs.

    Sarah's expert guidance and the benefit of her extensive knowledge means you can be confident that she knows what she's doing - unlike some instructors/programmes where you could end up doing more harm than good.

    Finally, if you're worried about being embarrassed about these sorts of things - don't be.  Sarah is approachable and supportive and she has built a wider community around her programmes that reflects these values."”

  • Sarah Parker Fitness

    “I have always loved running. It makes me feel great, physically and mentally. But after a tricky labour and birth with my son five years ago, my pelvic floor was a bit of a disaster and I couldn’t even manage the slowest of jogs without leaking. I managed to improve it a bit by trying out some exercises and advice from a few different sources. But it was a bit hit and miss, and the problems never really went away. By the time I was pregnant with my daughter two years ago, I had virtually resigned myself to never getting back to running.

    Then I came across Sarah’s postnatal classes, which made a huge difference. Sarah has loads of expert knowledge about postnatal recovery and how to address pelvic floor issues. I learned so much from her clear and practical teaching and really enjoyed her classes. And then by taking part more recently in her Pelvic Floor Recovery Programme, I’ve really benefited even more. It gives you a great variety of exercises, new things to try, and a really good balance of online material to use at your own pace.

    As a result, my pelvic floor is better than it has been in years, I’m back running again with confidence. As a bonus I’ve also improved my posture and am feeling more toned up all round. I can’t recommend this programme highly enough for anyone who wants to strengthen their pelvic floor and actually enjoy doing so rather than it just being a chore!””

  • Sarah Parker Fitness

    “Having been told by a GP that 'some women just don't recover' and that my pelvic floor issues were basically something I had to live with. I was feeling a bit lost.

    In a tearful moment of desperation , not knowing where to turn, I decided to sign up to Sarah's pelvic floor recovery programme.

    With each class, I actually started to know what people meant by engaging the pelvic floor. And finally found out that you don't have to do pelvic floor work in isolation! This was huge for me as up until that point that's what I had been trying to do. And I failing.

    I felt so much more confident even just a few weeks in, feeling a difference almost straight away.

    Having the course material still available following the course means I can look over it in my own time and refresh my memory.”

  • Sarah Parker Fitness

    “I joined Sarah's pelvic floor recovery programme because when prompted to 'engage my pelvic floor' during yoga/exercise, I had no idea where to even start!

    After having two children, it had become an area I chose to ignore and the only time I thought about my pelvic floor was when I was inconvenienced by it.

    This course has changed everything.

    I am now not only aware of my pelvic floor but I know how to relax and engage it. I have felt a difference in my core as well.

    Also for me, Sarah's depth of knowlegde and reassuring manner was the best part, she is so easy to talk to.

    Thank you so much Sarah”

  • 29A2CE99-2953-4506-A836-6462308778DD Sneeze Wees and Cough Farts (In Action)

    A 7 week course of tips, techniques and exercises to help strengthen your pelvic floor and core

    Every week you'll get

    • a different technique to focus on
    • a short routine of exercises and releases
    • a full length class incorporating what you've been learning
    GBP 57.00

    “There was a major impact on my pelvic floor over the 7 weeks. As this was gradual, I wasn’t aware of it at the time. Unfortunately I have only come to realise it now that I’ve got distracted with other things and let the exercises slip and noticed that it has got worse, but this has made me determined to build this permanently into my daily routine.”

  • Sarah Parker Fitness

    “I love the sense of community taking part in Sarah's classes brings - the pelvic floor course was no exception. The course is packed full of content and Sarah is a really knowledgeable and easy to talk to trainer. There was brilliant variety in the course and loads to learn too.”

  • Sarah Parker Fitness

    “Just wanted to say I really enjoyed the Pelvic Floor recovery programme .
    I found it gave me helpful tips and exercises to do and to incorporate into my daily routine & lifestyle.

    I have found an improvement in my symptoms by focusing on the techniques described in the class. Sarah is an excellent tutor with a great passion for these exercises. She makes sure all pupils understand and improve on the exercises. I would highly recommend the course , for offering some very practical tips .

    Thanks so much once again Sarah for everything xx ”

  • Sarah Parker Fitness

    “I really recommend Sarah's pelvic floor recovery class.

    Initially I was a bit unsure if the course was for me but I'm so glad I did it! I've learnt exercises and techniques I can build into my daily routine - helping to strengthen my pelvic floor and prevent future problems.

    Sarah is knowledgeable and supportive and always has great advice and answers to any questions that I have.”

Buy now for £57