Do you spend most of your day sitting down at a desk or chair?

Wish you could fit in some exercise but struggling to find the time?

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Spending long periods sat down can certainly take it’s toll on your mood, joints, and overall well-being.

I understand the challenges of a busy lifestyle, where fitting in a full workout seems nearly impossible.

That's why I've designed a solution specifically for you – someone who wants to feel less stiff, less sluggish, and less guilty about their lack of movement.

A solution for you to easily squeeze in a quick session before your morning shower or right after dinner (bonus: it helps boost your metabolism!).

  • Imagine if you could easily incorporate a fun & short workout into your daily life...
  • Where you can get step count up and feel a sense of achievement and motivation...

With my 5 Day Walkfit Challenge, you can do just that!

Walkfit classes are easy to do marching routines set to great music – a low-impact, enjoyable way to get your body moving.

Anyone can do it, regardless of fitness level or age! Not only will you achieve 20% of your daily step count effortlessly, but you'll also feel more energised, focused and may even be motivated to do more!

Don't worry about a lack of space – Walkfit can be done on the spot or in any available area.

And the best part? It only takes 15 minutes, making it an easily manageable addition to your day!

Join my 5 day Walkfit challenge now by clicking below, and get ready to start moving better and feeling better.

We begin on Monday 6th November.  All sessions will take place in the dedicated Facebook group - which you will get access to from Sunday.  There are also previous sessions in there so you can add more in if you want to!

As part of the challenge, you have two options for taking part:

  • Attend the live classes with me at 9am every day for the entire week;
  • Or conveniently catch up in your own time with the recordings

Sign up for the Walkfit Challenge today and get ready to move more often, move more freely and ease aches and pains.

Join my 5 day challenge for FREE!

We start Monday 6th November at 9am

Doors close at 8pm on Sunday so that you can be sure to get 5 days in!










Sarah Parker Fitness

“Sarah's WalkFit challenge coincided with a week where I was lone parenting - so it was perfect timing for me! I would've struggled to fit any exercise in but doing the WalkFit sessions meant I did more daily steps and it made me feel more energetic and ready for work. I especially liked that each one was a bit different so you don't get bored!”

Sarah Parker Fitness

“The WalkFit challenge was an enjoyable and simple way to quickly incorporate some fitness into my day and I liked that there were live sessions to join in with. I loved the shortness of the session and the invigorating pace first thing in the morning - and it made me feel more energised. I can't wait to do more sessions!”

Sarah Parker Fitness

“I loved the WalkFit challenge! It got my cardio right up - which I don't normally get anywhere near - and it increased my step count. I'm planning on carrying on because its been great for me - really boosts my morning!”

Join my 5 day challenge for FREE!