Liberate your Lymph part 1

Learning techniques to help get your lymphatic system working more effectively can bring many benefits:

  • support your body's natural detoxification process.
  • improve immune function.
  • reduce swelling and oedema
  • support healing
  • reduce pain
  • improve recovery from exercise
  • promote a healthy internal environment

No part of the body works in isolation, so adding in lymph work can have numerous added benefits for both physical and mental health - from reducing stress to feeling more energised, a feeling of lightness and more mobility!

And the good thing is, that it's something that you can do for yourself quickly and easily!

In this workshop we'll cover:

  • a full body test to see where the blockages are.  This will also work as your first release
  • the Big 6 - a quick and easy routine that you can (and should) do every day
  • head releases - this is the one I've done whenever I've felt a headache coming on and it has worked wonders! It can really help to ease stress as well

Join me via Zoom on Wednesday 28th February at 6:30pm for a 90 minute workshop.  You'll learn the techniques and have the chance to ask any questions.  You'll then get the recording of the workshop PLUS lifetime access to the Liberate Your Lymph course - where you can easily refer back to any exercise.

Part two will be on Wednesday 20th March

  • full body releases - one quick, one a bit more in depth
  • the Umbrella Reset, which helped my stomach lose it's inflammation
  • plus a little bonus routine that targets three key areas of the body

"So simple and effective - it has really boosted my immunity and easily became part of my daily routine."  Angela

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Liberate your Lymph part 1

Part 1 of the workshop series.  Remove toxins, inflammation and stuck stress and feel better fast.

We’ll be covering:

  • Full body lymph assessment - see where blockages are building up
  • 1 min release to do daily - keep the lymph flowing and prepare for deeper work
  • Head and neck release - great for headaches, migraines and sinus issues
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