Caesarean Birth Recovery Kit

When you've had a c-section it can feel a little bit like you've been left on your own to work out how to manage - you've had major surgery but have you been given any after-care advice?  Do you know how to look after your scar? Do you know what you need to avoid doing?  Do you know how to help the healing process?

And it's hard to even think about yourself when you're in charge of a new-born baby

I'd love to be your guide through this tricky time!  With 10 modules ranging from toilet habits to posture, pelvic floor (yes you do need to still work it) to your first step back into exercise, I can show you ways to minimise discomfort and aid safe healing from the inside out!

Most of the videos are less than 5 minutes long, so it's easy to fit in bits when you can.  And you have lifetime access to the course, so can keep coming back for reminders

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Caesarean Birth Recovery Kit

A course of movements, tips and daily techniques to help you move more easily, feel more comfortable and support the healing process. 

Includes a gentle recovery exercise programme you can start from 8 weeks post c-section

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