Can You Feel It In Your Bum?

  • Are you fed up of leaking when you laugh, cough or sneeze?
  • Do you worry you won't make it to the toilet quickly enough?
  • Have you been told to 'do your pelvic floor exercises' but - what does that even mean?
  • Or maybe you've tried but it feels uncomfortable
  • And at best you're doing them inconsistently - so nothing is getting better
OK we need to talk.

This problem isn't going to go away on its own BUT I have something that will help.

Let me introduce you to Can You Feel It In Your Bum?

It's my no-nonsense on-line course for strengthening your pelvic floor and fixing those leaks!

5 mini modules you can do daily - or all at once!
  • each take a maximum of 15mins - you can then practice immediately
  • helping you be sure exactly how to engage to the pelvic floor
  • includes ways to relax the pelvic floor too, which will help reduce pain and prolapse symptoms
  • plus a set of exercises that are more fun than kegels!
And with life-time access to the recording you can keep coming back whenever you need to.

You will learn:

  • the easiest way to get a pelvic floor lift that everyone can do
  • easy ways you can check so you can be sure that you're doing right
  • a simple way to fit pelvic floor training into your day, every day
  • and easy exercises to make your pelvic floor even stronger!
All in an easy to understand way! 

"I found this course particularly beneficial whilst going through menopause.  Sarah is very approachable and teaches exercises and techniques that not only help, but she explains how/why they help.  When I first did the course I noticed that when I woke up I was able to put the kettle on before rushing to the toilet - that was a huge achievement!"  Heather

"I've never felt the difference before until now.  Will be really helpful for when I do Pilates too." Pascale

"Really beneficial, definitely would recommend"  Hannah

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Can You Feel It In Your Bum?

  • Have you been told you need to work on your pelvic floor but you're not exactly sure how?
  • Does it feel uncomfortable and you're worried you've been doing it wrong?
  • Have you been doing kegels but don't feel it's made any difference?
  • Or maybe you know you should be doing them but have no motivation.

My online course - Can You Feel It In Your Bum - will help you not only feel your pelvic floor but teach you how to engage it properly and effectively too!

By solving the problems of why kegels might not be working, you can start to get your pelvic floor fitter 

  • reduce leaking and feelings of urge incontinence
  • ease pelvic pain and feelings of heaviness
  • strengthen the core and reduce back pain
  • feel more confident in your body
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