Kettlebell Kickstarter course

Kettlebell Kickstarter Course

Fancy using a kettlebell but don't know where to start?  Or just looking for a different way to improve your strength and fitness?

Why kettlebells?

  • Functional fitness - moves that mimic everyday life means that you get strength that helps with daily activities
  • Targets hearts and lungs - dynamic exercises will improve your cardio fitness and help raise your metabolism
  • Core stability - the shape and movement of the bell requires more stability, helping you to develop core strength and balance
  • Easy on your joints - the kettlebell allows for different holds, protecting your joints (especially the wrists) even if you increase the weight

Why choose the kickstarter?

  • Expert guidance - with personalised instruction so you can be confident in your technique and avoid injury
  • Improve your fitness - develop functional strength, core stability, stamina and boost your overall fitness levels.
  • Accessible for All - whether you're a complete beginner or have some experience, this course is designed to give you the basic knowledge you need to feel confident in any kettlebell session

What you get:

🔹 learn the foundational movements
- master the basics with expert instruction on proper form and technique.
- learn essential movements like swings, cleans, and snatches

🔹 participate in a full workout
- practice your new skills with a specific routine
- get stronger and fitter as you learn

🔹 practice at your own convenience
- re-watch the technical videos to perfect your technique
- join in with the full workout at a time that suits you

Course Details:

Start Date - Thursday 22nd February, 6:30pm
Duration - 45 minute class - 15 minute technical session followed by a 30 minute workout.

Every Thursday for four weeks, with lifetime access to the recordings

Limited spots available at the early bird price! Reserve yours now!

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Kettlebell Kickstarter course

A four week course that includes:

  • a live (via Zoom) 15 minute tutorial every week on the key holds and movements
  • followed by a 30 minute workout incorporating what you've learnt
  • access to the course materials so you can practice in your own time
  • lifetime access
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