Online Postnatal Classes

Safe and effective exercise classes to strengthen your core and pelvic floor, regain your fitness and start to feel like yourself again!

  • Sarah Parker Fitness

    “It has been so great to get my fitness back in such a fun, friendly and supportive setting. The classes have been a real highlight of my maternity leave.”

  • Sarah Parker Fitness

    “Thanks so much for helping me get back to fitness after baby. You gave me the confidence to know how hard I could safely push my body.”

  • Sarah Parker Fitness

    “Thanks so much for all your help with Postnatal Pilates. I’ve loved it and it’s made such a positive impact on my body and mind,”

Now that you can’t attend classes are you missing your exercise?

You want to get back to pre-pregnancy fitness but you’re not sure what exercises are safe to do. You’re not as motivated to workout on your own.

Your day-to-day mummy activities are giving you back ache.  And your stomach muscles aren’t what they used to be!

You’re not sleeping as well as you used to and you’d like to feel more relaxed.

What if you could attend a virtual class with other new mums, led by a postnatal specialist?

Plus have access to these classes in your own time, plus a library of other workouts that fit the time you have and how you are feeling.

Learn tips that will help you regain your fitness without putting pressure on your pelvic floor. 

And practice stretches and relaxations that will ease back pain and help you feel less achey.

What you get

  • access to two live Zoom classes a week - Pilates Recovery every Monday 11:30am and Fitness every Friday 10:30am
  •  membership of my online library of workouts and exercises specifically for postnatal mums
  •  all live-streams will be added to the library so you can access in your own time. And the library grows for as long as you are a member
  •  Access to a closed Facebook group for class updates, check-ins and to answer any questions 

Plus for a limited time, you will also be gifted access to my Strength and Conditioning classes worth £30. 

Sign up now for £40 per month