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The online programme for mums-to-be who want to stay active throughout their pregnancy and sail through birth and the postnatal period

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Safe and effective Pilates and Fitness classes with added tips and techniques to ease back pain, strengthen the core and pelvic floor, promote relaxation and aid sleep.

Helping you to feel strong, comfortable and confident through pregnancy, birth and beyond!

Sarah L
You have saved my back!
You have saved my back throughout my pregnancy, which has kept me feeling so well.
Sarah's classes meant my third pregnancy was the best!
Sarah’s classes meant my third pregnancy was the best! I only wish I’d gone for my first two.
Your classes have been a lifesaver
Thank you so much for your brilliant classes and the excellent prenatal advice and support. I’ve had mild perinatal depression and your classes have been a lifesaver.
Good for the body and mind
Sarah is a kind, considerate and calming instructor, which are all things that are very welcome when pregnant/postpartum. She knows her stuff and is full of useful tips and advice well beyond exercise. Honestly, she is good for the body and the mind. I highly recommend joining.
Sarah F
The back pain videos were invaluable
I joined Sarah’s Pregnancy Pilates and Pregnancy Fitness classes from around 25 weeks as I could no longer (comfortably) carry on running. The classes were extremely accessible via Zoom and still felt very personal despite them being remote. The Saturday morning fitness classes were particularly enjoyable and it really felt as though my fitness was being retained without pain! Access to recorded classes was brilliant and really helpful when fitting in sessions around work commitments or just adding in an extra session when needed to relax or stretch. Sarah also provided fantastic advice on a range of pregnancy issues and I found the back pain videos showing exercises and stretches invaluable. I would definitely recommend the subscription and classes. Thank you Sarah for all your help and support!

What's Your Discipline?

With the Pregnancy Membership, you don't have to choose!

There are live weekly classes of Fitness Pilates, Pilates for Stretch and Relaxation plus a Fitness Circuit.

Once a month I teach a Low Impact Aerobics session that you can join in with

And there is a library of recorded sessions that you can access at any time - perfect if you need to catch up or just want to fit an extra session in!


Not Sure What Your Allowed To Do?

As a pre and postnatal specialist for 20 years, you're in safe hands!  I will only give you exercises that are safe for you and baby

Plus if you can join us live, I will be able to give you real time instruction, perfect your technique and give you any modifications you might need as your pregnancy progresses

And I'm only an email away if you need any more help

What Do I Need?

No need to splash out on loads of equipment - make use of what you already have at home.  A towel, a pillow and a chair will get you started!  

If you have equipment, great - I will show you how to incorporate it into what we're doing

If you do want to buy anything I would suggest a birthing (Yoga, gym, fitness) ball, as it's so versatile!  Use it to sit on, stretch with it, use it as resistance and as an exercise aid.  It can even help with baby positioning!

Stretches (3)

More than just an exercise class

Your time is precious and there are so many things you could be doing to prepare for labour!

Thankfully, we include a lot of these in class. So as well as strengthening, stretching and toning, improving your circulation and heart and lungs you will also work on

  • your pelvic floor strength and readiness for birth
  • breathing
  • stress relief and relaxation techniques
  • labour positions
  • baby positioning

Don't go through pregnancy alone

It can be quite lonely if it's your first pregnancy and you don't know any other mums-to-be

And even if it's your second or more, it's always nice to check to see if how you're feeling is the way others are feeling too!

So I always include time before and after class for a check in and a chat.  We also have a private Facebook group where you can connect with others and ask questions.  It's also a really lovely place to share birth news!


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Stand Alone Courses

Available to buy individually or included FREE in your membership

A membership that can grow as you do!

For many people the first couple of months post birth are the hardest.  By contining your membership through into the fourth trimester you can get continued support - from self care to pelvic floor recovery, mobility exercises to help ease mum back care issues, and stay as part of the community, knowing you're with people who undestand what you're going through and can give you advice or just reassurance that this too shall pass!

Pregnancy Membership


per month

Live Fitness Class

Live Pilates Class

Live Relaxation Class

Monthly live Aerobics Class

Library of recorded sessions

Back Pain Relief Course

Third Trimester Course

Private Facebook Community

Fourth Trimester


per 6 months

Up to 6 months Pregnancy membership, then moving into fourth trimester after giving birth, which includes:

New Mum Self Care Course

C Section Recovery Course

Pelvic Floor Recovery Course

Getting Back to Exercise Course

Postnatal virtual coffee morning

Best Value

Postnatal and Beyond


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Up to 9 months Pregnancy membership

Fourth Trimester membership

Postnatal Recovery

Postnatal Fitness

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