Meet Sarah Parker

005-300x233.jpgHi! I’m Sarah – owner and instructor for Sarah Parker Fitness, author of Sneeze Wees and Cough Farts and proud mum of two teenage girls (who don't pose for photos anymore!)

I came to exercise later in life and for weight loss reasons – I got married and moved to America where I had no friends, no job and nothing but endless days of daytime TV and Dunkin’ Donuts.  For the first time in my life I felt fat and so I joined the gym.  I loved the classes, loved the results and through the people I met I was able to find work – it was the beginning of my life in America!

When I returned to the UK – I started working as a full-time gym instructor and trained in exercise to music.  I then worked in various gyms around Greater Manchester, specialising as one of the first Pilates instructors in the area. I was given the nicknames of Mistress of Mean and the Smiling Assassin as I tended to push people quite hard with a grin on my face...

When I prolapsed after the birth of my first daughter, I thought I would never be able to exercise the way I wanted to again, let alone teach others - I left the gyms and have never returned.

But in the year after I did a lot of research, worked on my pelvic health and have been symptom free for years.  I set up my own business - Sarah Parker Fitness - in 2005 and have been helping women ever since. My Pregnancy classes prepare the body and mind for birth and can help limit birth trauma to the pelvic floor. My Postnatal classes are about returning to exercise safely - less of a focus on "bouncing back" - so that your core and pelvic floor heal well and can support you as you prepare for more intense workouts.  And my Pelvic Floor trainings include the little know, but super effective, Hypopressives technique, my Pelvic Floor Recovery Programme and the Sneeze Wees Club.

After 25 years of working in the fitness industry, I have changed quite a lot!  Now all my classes are online - giving you flexibility in when and where you exercise, without having to worry about childcare or other commitments.  I have a wider range of classes - recently adding in shorter workouts to fit in with your busy lifestyle and adding in mobility sessions and Trigger Point Pilates to help with general aches and pains and stiffness

My aim is to help you fit exercise in whenever you can and to feel good because of it!

If you have any questions about my classes please do get in touch.


Winner of Best Fitness Class 2016

Winner of Favourite Classes For You 2014