About Sarah Parker

005-300x233.jpgHi! I’m Sarah Parker – owner and instructor for Sarah Parker Fitness and mother/referee of two girls.

Like many I came to exercise later in life and for weight loss reasons – did the customary P.E. at school (not hating it but not pursuing it either) and I dabbled in sport when I was at university.  But when I got married and moved to America I had no friends, no job and nothing but endless days of daytime TV and Dunkin’ Donuts.  For the first time in my life I felt fat and so I joined the gym.  I loved the classes, loved the results and through the people I met I was able to find work – it was the beginning of my life in America!

Back to Britain – I started working as a full-time gym instructor in 1999, at the same time training in exercise to music.  By 2000 I had trained in other disciplines and became a freelance fitness instructor, working in various gyms around the Manchester area and also several workplaces, as well as a being a pilates personal trainer.

I decided to train in pre and post natal when I started thinking about starting a family, wondering how I would be able to maintain my work level whilst pregnant.  I couldn’t!  And once I gave up work I couldn’t find anywhere local that had a pregnancy Pilates class.  So I was quite keen to set up my own.  After some gentle prompting from pregnant clients, I was encouraged to set up a postnatal class where childcare is not an issue!

I hope you will find the range of classes I provide useful – if you have any particular classes or times you’d prefer, I’m always open to suggestions!  And if you have any questions about my classes please do get in touch.


Winner of Best Fitness Class 2016

Winner of Favourite Classes For You 2014