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Live sessions are delivered via Zoom. 

Recorded sessions can be accessed at any time through the membership site


Multi-level Pilates

Restorative Pilates

Core and More

Low Impact Cardio



Strength and Conditioning

Total Body Tone


Low Impact HIIT


10 and 20 minute flows

Releases and Relaxation

FreeFlow - mobility

Trigger Point Pilates - self-massage

Check out the full timetable of classes:


  • WalkFit - 9am
  • HIIT - 9:30am
  • Low Impact Fitness - 10am
  • Hypopressives - 7pm
  • Multi-level Pilates - 7:30pm
  • Core and More - 8pm


  • WalkFit - 9am
  • FreeFlow mobility - 9:15am
  • Hypopressives - 10am
  • Restorative Pilates - 10:30am
  • Total Body Tone - 6:30-7:15pm
  • Pregnancy Pilates - 7:30pm


  • WalkFit - 9am
  • FreeFlow mobility - 9:15am
  • Aerobics - 6:30-7:15pm (first Wednesday in the month only)


  • WalkFit - 9am
  • FreeFlow mobility - 9:15am
  • Kettlebells - 6:30-7:15pm
  • Gentle Pilates - 7:30pm
  • Trigger Point Pilates - 8pm
  • Pregnancy Relaxation - 8:30pm


  • WalkFit - 9am
  • HIIT - 9:30am
  • Low Impact Fitness - 10am


  • Hypopressives - 10am
  • Pregnancy Fitness - 10:30am


  • Trigger Point Pilates - 5-6pm
  • Sarah Parker Fitness

    “Your classes are the high point of my week!”

  • Sarah Parker Fitness

    “Your classes really helped to lift my mood, feel more confident and stronger in myself”

  • Sarah Parker Fitness

    “A friendly face every time with all the support and motivation you need.””


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