Helping women from pre/postnatal to peri/post menopause to ease pain, exercise safely and feel like themselves again!




General Classes

  • Pilates
  • Bums, Tums & Wobbly Bits
  • Circuits & HIIT
  • Trigger Point Pilates
  • Aerobics
  • Hypopressives Technique

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Pregnancy Classes

  • Pregnancy Pilates
  • Pregnancy Fitness
  • Relaxation
  • Third Trimester Course
  • Back Pain Relief For Mums-To-Be Course

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Postnatal Classes

  • Postnatal Recovery
  • Postnatal Fitness
  • Restorative Pilates
  • C Section Recovery
  • Pelvic Floor Recovery Programme

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  • Sarah Parker Fitness

    “If I could describe Sarah's postnatal Pilates in three words I would say relaxing, effective and fabulous. I was looking for a class that would work on my mummy tummy but be less intense than buggyfit. I wanted a gentle class which would help me tone up and this was pefect. I have gone from having quite a wobbly midsection to having a flattish tummy with my 'duo abs' - not quite a six-pack but you can see there are two sets of abs there now! I believe it has helped me loose some weight too as it has got me back into a healthier lifestyle. The exercises are tailored for mew mums and really focus on tummies, legs, strengthening your core and working your pelvic floor. You can take your babies and Sarah will rock them if they get unsettled and so you can actually get some exercise done without worrying. In essence it is a brilliant class to help you get your body toned, mind relaxed and meet some nice mummies too”

  • Sarah Parker Fitness

    “I felt that being able to exercise and keep fit during pregnancy was really important in preparing my body for labour. I also learnt a lot about getting the body into the right position for birth, which I didn't know beforehand. The bit I enjoyed the most was going to each session and seeing the same ladies and our bumps growing together. The classes had a really friendly atmosphere and I could work at my own pace. Coming to classes made a difference to me as I felt it helped me prepare for labour and birth. Sarah is a brilliant instructor and has so much personal and professional experience. I felt I could ask Sarah anything. She also gave me home exercises to do which benefitted me during labour. I would definitely recommend Sarah's classes and I would do them again if I have another baby!”

  • Sarah Parker Fitness

    “Before Sarah's classes I thought exercise and staying fit was all about sweating in a cardio session and toning using weights. I thought if I hadn't sweated then I hadn't done anything worthwhile. However Pregnancy Pilates helped me prepare for the birth both in the exercises Sarah taught and the experiences that she has been through as a mother. It also helped meeting other first time mums and those that had already had children. I found the relaxation part of the class certainly helped as I was not getting much sleep at night and this was genuinely the most relaxation I had during my pregnancy!!! Since coming to the class and continuing with Postnatal Pilates I have become aware of my pelvic floor which despite years of exercise had never been taught anything about before. I am much more aware when engaging it now and this helped particularly when getting up and about after having my c-section.”

sneeze wees profile

Hi! I’m Sarah Parker – owner and instructor for Sarah Parker Fitness and mum/referee of two girls.

I have a bit of a thing for online courses and have bought loads in my time!  The ones that have really helped me though, are the ones that had some live teaching alongside the home study.

So all my classes are live via Zoom - meaning you get the motivation you need to get the results you want!  There is also a bit of time before/after class to have a chat if you want to - helping you to feel part of our community.

There are also all the recordings - allowing you to catch up on classes you miss, or fit in a bit extra whenever you want!

So just click the link above depending on where you are in your fitness journey, and find out more!  I can't wait to meet you!

Here's some of my most recent blogs:

Hypopressives for anxiety - Annmarie's story

I started to suffer with anxiety and obviously that brings in struggling to breathe sometimes and then panic attacks and that kind of thing.

I was also struggling with putting weight on and was mindful that I needed to do some exercise - I wanted to lose weight but also had anxiety going on.

I felt like all the other kind of exercise that I did - swimming, joining the gym, walking - they just never hit the anxiety. 

So I would do them and never feel relaxed or feel calm. And then I would go t…

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I got trolled

I've been posting a lot on Facebook recently as I'm trying to raise my profile a bit

And it's obviously working as I'm reaching more people

But with that come people who aren't really a good fit for what I do

This meant that last week I got trolled on one of my videos 

It was just a simple video - showing hip circles as a way to ease out your back and hips after sitting for a while

So nothing massively fitness about it and nothing controversial

But this bloke said that if I lost some fat t…

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POP solutions (2)

Pelvic Organ Prolapse Solutions part 2

Last week we looked at things you can do in your daily life to help prevent POP or worsening symptoms - if you missed that you can read it here

Today we're looking at possible solutions to helping with symptoms.


This is the lifting and squeezing of your pelvic floor muscles in isolation.  Usually includes a series of lifts, holds and pulses


  • easy to fit in
  • no equipment required
  • can do anywhere, anytime


  • not everyone does them correctly - may be bear…

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