Time Out Fitness Club

For those who are pushed for time!

Live online classes or recorded sessions you can access whenever you want

With workouts that only last 15 minutes, you can easily fit exercise into your busy schedule.

The wide variety of sessions means you won't get bored.  Choose from strength, cardio, stretch, relaxation and more

Beginner friendly - I always give modifications so the workout is tailored to how you feel today!

Feel fitter, stronger, healthier, without the added stress!

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The Sneeze Wees Club

A dedicated membership for those struggling with leaking, pain or prolapse

Go beyond traditional kegels and find solutions to your problems in surprising places!  (HINT: What you do with your feet to your face can affect your pelvic floor!)

With a monthly focus, weekly classes and daily habits to work on, you will ease pain and reduce symptoms whilst improving your overall fitness!

Become part of a community of women who know what you're going through - you don't have to cope on your own

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Primed - Pregnancy to Postnatal Programme

Prepare your mind and body for pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period

Tailored exercise routines that not only help with your fitness and comfort throughout pregnancy, they will also help you have a better birth and an easier recovery

Live online Fitness, Pilates and Relaxation sessions. Plus access to recordings and courses - like Back Pain Relief and Third Trimester

Helping you to feel strong, confident and ready, no matter what sort of birth you want

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sneeze wees profile

Hi! I’m Sarah Parker – owner and instructor for Sarah Parker Fitness, author of Sneeze Wees and Cough Farts and proud mum of two teenage girls.

I have a bit of a thing for online courses and have bought loads in my time!  The ones that have really helped me though, are the ones that had some live teaching alongside the home study.

So all my classes are live via Zoom - meaning you get the motivation you need to get the results you want!  There is also a bit of time before/after class to have a chat if you want to - helping you to feel part of our community.

There are also all the recordings - allowing you to catch up on classes you miss, or fit in a bit extra whenever you want!

So just click the link above depending on where you are in your fitness journey, and find out more!  I can't wait to meet you!

Here's some of my most recent blogs:

Getting back my balance

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Core strength without the strain

Did you know your core should switch on JUST BEFORE it's needed?

And that there should be no feeling of strain or bearing down?

Or that you can use other parts of your body to initiate a core connection - instead of sucking in, zipping up or lifting up on pelvic floor

Find out more about your core in the videos below!

If you would like to learn more about switching on your pelvic floor and core without straining and helping it to become more of an automatic switch on - I have a masterc…

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What Is WalkFit and Who Is It For?

I'm nursing a bit of an injury to my achilles at the moment and have had to cut down on how far I walk each day

Friday I was even unsure I would be able to do my class

But WalkFit was actually the perfect thing - enough to mobilise my ankle without over-doing it!

One class member last week also found it the perfect way back into exercise after illness

That's one reason WalkFit is great

For others, it's about easing in to a new fitness habit

Some of the participants who started my Fit in Fi…

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