Trigger Point Pilates



You know those little niggly aches and pains that never seem worth seeing a doctor about but you wish they would finally go?


And how stiff you feel in the morning so you walk to the bathroom like a zombie and have to go downstairs one at a time?


Fancy easing them with a gentle movement class combined with self massage and relaxation techniques?

This specialist class combines Pilates movements combined with up-to-date techniques that include massage and trigger point releases. 

We use prickle balls, resistance bands, foam rollers and Pilates balls to:

  • improve your posture
  • challenge your core
  • stretch your muscles
  • release tight spots
  • relax you
  • help you leave the class feeling less stiff and more blissed out!

Don't worry if you don't have the right equipment!  It's easy to make swaps using things you may have around the house:

  • foam roller - use a rolled up bath towel or yoga mat or a swimming noodle
  • squishy ball - a cushion or pillow, or a 3/4 filled hot water bottle
  • prickle balls - rubber dog balls or tennis balls or a rolled up pair of tights or socks
  • resistance band - a pair of thick tights or leggings.  For stretches a scarf, tie, belt or yoga strap

Wear comfortable clothing that you can move easily in and have water available. Shoes are not required but you might want to wear socks.

The class is all floorwork - so the only space you need is the size of a mat - and completely beginner friendly.

Here's what others have to say:

Sarah Parker Fitness

The classes have really helped me to relax tight and 'knotted' areas, work my core muscles, refresh me mentally and even make me feel two inches taller by the end!

Sarah Parker Fitness

After using the balls for a few minutes the difference was amazing! I could feel my shoulders really relaxing and they felt a lot easier

Sarah Parker Fitness

Wish I’d come to Sarah’s classes 20 years ago. The spikey balls and three simple movements had my neck feeling nearly back to normal

Sarah Parker Fitness

Trigger point was totally amazing! I’ve been struggling with a painful, stiff shoulder and it fixed it just like that. I’m so grateful! I also had the best night’s sleep for weeks.