Fitness Classes

Here are the times and descriptions of my award-winning fitness classes! These are general fitness classes for all. You can find postnatal and pregnancy specific classes on the menu above.  

Please ask if you have any other questions.

The classes are open to all adults whatever your fitness levels – absolute beginners are always welcome as I can adapt the class to suit you. Children are also welcome to attend with parents after their 14th birthday.

I have a range of sessions to suit your goals.  Maybe it’s

  • toning up with Bums, Tums & Wobbly Bits
  • building core strength with Pilates
  • or releasing tight muscles with Trigger Point Pilates


9:30am – Work Off the Weekend

12:00pm - Hypopressives

7:00pm – Hypopressives

7:30pm – Multi-level Pilates


11:00am - Pilates Rel-EASE

6:30pm – Bums, Tums & Wobbly Bits

Wednesdays (once a month)

6:30pm – Low Impact Aerobics


6:30pm – Bums, Tums & Wobbly Bits

7:30pm – Pilates


9:30am – Work off the Weekend

10:30am - Low Impact Circuit


9:30am - Hypopressives


5:00pm – Trigger Point Pilates

Class Descriptions:

Bums, Tums & Wobbly Bits

A perennial favourite, this is my most popular class.

Great for sculpting the body, this class also gives you a cardio workout due to using “blood shunting” technique.

As we get older our muscles start to deteriorate, particularly the lower body, so I use body weight exercises and light weights to help build your muscles. This will raise your resting metabolism and may help with weight loss. 

“Had a great workout last night – so love the classes.  To add to that came into work today and 3 people have commented on how much weight I look like I’ve lost – corrected them and told them all to do with toning up!!!!  That’s what keeps me driven to the fab classes – great classes Sarah”



This class is suitable for beginners and improvers as I give various levels for each exercise.

Standing and matwork exercises, using light weights, bands or balls, will help to tone, strengthen, stretch and relax you.

Rather than move to the beat of the music, we move with our breathing, so the exercises are more mindful and we can take time over concentrating on what our bodies are doing.

Pilates can help to improve your posture and strengthen your core which can help in alleviating day to day niggles.

Trigger Point Pilates Relaxation session


As well as my regular Pilates sessions, I teach a specialist class devoted to stretching, releasing and de-stressing! It’s bliss! Every Sunday at 5pm

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