The Postnatal Pilates Bundle

Seven full workouts designed by a postnatal specialist to help you get back to fitness safely post baby. 

Each session incorporates Pilates, strength training, stretches and trigger point work - focusing on

  • activating your pelvic floor and core muscles
  • getting stronger to help with day to day Mum life
  • stretching out tight muscles and easing back pain
  • de-stressing and relaxing - may even help you sleep better

The sessions are multi level, so you can progress as you get stronger.

Ideal for starting after your 6 weeks check, 8-10 weeks post cesarean


Can be done bodyweight only

Optional equipment:

  • resistance band - or thick pair of tights
  • squishy ball - or pillow, cushion or deflated child's ball
  • prickle balls - or rubber dog balls, tennis balls, even potatoes or apples!