Hot Water Bottle Release and Relaxation Session

Has your to do list got you feeling frazzled?

Is the cold getting to you - so your joints feel stiff and achy?

You may not have the time/money to go for a massage, but I've got the next best thing!

Find yourself a little space (the size of an exercise mat will do), light some candles or wax melts, and have a lie-down with a hot water bottle for 60 minutes!

I will show you movements that combined with the heat will help you to truly relax and unwind and ease any niggly bits

Treat yourself to a bit of me time - you deserve it!


"The ultimate in stretch and relax!" Louise

"The class really helped me to relax tight and 'knotted' areas and refresh me mentally". Rachel

"I had a wonderful nights sleep after the session" Jayne

hot water bottle release