What is the best exercise for a prolapse?

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I was asked a few weeks ago for the top exercises someone could do to help a prolapse. 

My answers were:

  1. It depends
  2. Hypopressives

The thing with prolapse is that it can happen because of so many factors and it's not just about strengthening the pelvic floor. 

And even just pelvic floor strength isn't that simple.

The pelvic floor is made up of layers of muscle, going in a variety of directions.

It has links with muscles inside the pelvis and outside the pelvis.

It has connections all the way down to the feet and all the way up to the jaw.

It's involved in a variety of activities - including continence and toileting, stability and core strength, sex and enjoyment of sex, breathing, speaking, digestion, birthing and organ support

This is why my pelvic floor programme involves more than just a lift and squeeze - it's taking all these connections into consideration, helping to make your pelvic floor functional and work the way it should

It's also why I love Hypopressives

Hypopressives is a whole body programme that uses an innovative way of breathing and moving to strengthen your core and pelvic floor in a way that means it switches on automatically when needed, the way it's supposed to.  

So instead of having to consciously engage the pelvic floor before sneezing, or before doing a core move, or if you slip, it just switches on reflexively

We should have this reflex but all sort of things affect it - including childbirth

That's why Hypopressives is particularly good post baby - it's used a lot in France and Spain as part of postnatal recovery but still relatively unknown over here!

The other great thing about it is once you learn the technique, practicing just 10 minutes a day can build into amazing results!  

  • improves continence
  • improves prolapse symptoms
  • improves posture and balance
  • improves breathing - which has loads of benefits in itself
  • strengthens core and tones the abdominals
  • reduces back pain
  • calms stress and anxiety
  • aids sports performance
  • aids sexual sensation and pleasure

I always find it hard to explain exactly what the Hypopressives technique is in a way that does it justice!  So the best way to really find out is to try it for yourself - I put on regular zoom workshops where you can learn the technique and a few of the level one postures.  This way you can test it out and see what results you get before you decide to go further!

You can find out when my next workshop is here:

Introduction to Hypopressives

Or message me if you would prefer a 1-2-1 session (in person in the Stockport area or via Zoom)

The other thing I love about Hypopressives is that it is proactive

When I first found out I had a prolapse and spent evenings googling it, it was all about what I had to stop doing

No running

No impact

No lifting weights

No squatting

No abdominal work

So the fact I could do something that could help my prolapse, instead of just cutting things out of my life, was a real bonus.

And now, 5 years into my Hypopressive journey, I have no symptoms

And I am now able to do all those things above that I thought were cut out of my life for good!

That was never really my goal but it is a great side effect for me as a fitness instructor to be able to teach all levels of exercise again!

And to not be afraid of repercussions...

Have you tried Hypopressives?  I would love to know your thoughts and what has worked for you


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