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No blame, no shame - own your birth story No blame, no shame - own your birth story

I posted a link to a blog on Facebook this week giving another perspective on mums who've had C-sections - taking pride in them instead of feeling shame.  It had struck a cord with me as I had felt such a failure when I didn't get the home birth I wanted and ended up having the most medicalised birth possible. Seems it struck a cord with other people too, as it became my most liked, shared and viewed post! Here's the link if you want to read it for yourself.

Question is, why was it so well received? Do so many women feel bad about themselves? And of course the answer is yes, because this is what society seems to be about at the moment. As mums, we're made to feel bad if we give birth the wrong way, feed the wrong way, if we choose to stay at home or if we go back to full time work. And it's not just our parenting skills that are questioned. Fat shaming, slut shaming - the fact there are words for it shows how prevalent it's become.

I'm proud that in my classes people feel welcomed and not judged in any way - there is a real community feel where we support one another.  I have always been a proponent of exercise for health and fitness, so I don't expect people to look a certain way before they can attend, I just want everyone to get the benefits that exercise affords. In my classes I have people of all ages, fitness abilities, health history and size. And they all get something out of the classes.  And I hope that when we feel good about ourselves we therefore don't feel the need to diminish others to make us feel better.Today take another look at all you've achieved and take pride in it.


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