Happy New Year/You?!

I'm not really into New Years resolutions. And I'm definitely not into the the new year new you thing - there's nothing wrong with the 'old' you!

But I am into goal setting.

I've just bought myself a shiny new business planner and right at the front is a blank page to fill in hopes and dreams for 2017. Most of mine are tied up with family life as I feel that's the area that needs the most work done right now!

But there's also some goals for me and my work too...

Now from the business coaching I've done the advice when goal setting is to make a plan and then break it into small manageable chunks. This way you're less likely to get overwhelmed and more likely to see a result - this in turn will motivate you and keep you going on the next step.

Resolutions tend to be all or nothing.

And from the fitness world, we were taught to make sure we made SMART goals:
  • Specific - so not just "I'll get healthy" but how? Doing what? Break it down
  • Measurable - can you track how you're doing? Put numbers to your goals
  • Achievable - is the goal feasible
  • Relevant - important to you, not because everyone else is doing the same. The reason you make the goal may be the only motivating factor to keep going when things get hard
  • Time based - when will you do it by? Too far away and you'll not work towards it, too soon and you'll not get the chance to get it done.
So here's my 5 top tips if you have made exercise part of your new year resolutions/goals:
  1. Add new things one at a time - don't try to change everything at once. Go for somethings easy to start with that will encourage you to continue - eg drink more water, stand up every 20min, walk at lunchtime
  2. Put your exercise into your daily diary - block it out as your time so that it doesn't always get left down to whether you have time left or not
  3. Combine exercise with something else - meet up with friends, walk to shops/school run
  4. Don't feel you have to start on a Monday/ January 1st. Start as soon as you can
And don't worry if things don't go to plan. You haven't failed. It's just another day You're not having to start from scratch. Have a great start to 2017! And let me know if there's any ways I can help you hit your goals


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