What Counts as Exercise?

Did you start your health goals this week? 

For me it was lovely to start easy with Aerobics on Wednesday and then just a few classes

I did have to start even easier than I thought I would have to though...

We had a fun New Years Day - going in to Manchester to go bowling

I was very happy to win our first game and get the highest score I've ever had!

We also did a bit of ping pong and karaoke

As we were leaving we spotted a punching ball test your strength so decided to have one last challenge

I've heard tales of people breaking their thumbs if they make a fist with the thumb inside.  So I made sure no-one did that

And yet

When it was my go, I don't know what happened, but it bent my thumb right back

I tried to change my position each time and yet THREE TIMES I bent my thumb back!

It really hurt and the next day it was inflamed

So I decided not to use weights in Total Body Tone on Thursday

This meant I had no aches the next day, despite not having exercised for a while

But does that mean it didn't count?

The Fitness Industry makes lots of rules

- it has to hurt to be working

- it has to be hard

- it has to be fast

- it has to take hours

But the truth is that all movement counts

Movement for health benefits can be anything - every time you move your muscles, there is a reaction in the cells which has an effect on the way tissues work

- So it can be low intensity

- Can be broken up into small amounts

- It can even be fun!

Research shows that 15 minutes of movement per day for 6-7 days shows the biggest difference in health risks

And that's why I'm starting my Fit in Fifteen course!

- If you are new to exercise

- If you have health goals but are finding it hard to get going

- If you find it hard to fit exercise into your day

- If you are unsure what you can do 

Then this is the course for you!

You'll get a new 15 minute exercise every day over four weeks, accessed in a private Facebook group

Plus email tips on how to easily fit movement into your day

We start on the 15th and booking is open now - check the link below for details

Fit in Fifteen


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