Healthy Hearts - and how to get them

February is Heart Month, so I've been focusing a little bit on cardiovascular exercise recently

Cardio exercise - exercise that makes your heart rate go up - is one of a few ways to improve your heart health.  Other factors you can look at:

  • regular exercise - not just cardio
  • healthy diet
  • healthy weight
  • quit smoking
  • limit alcohol intake
  • manage stress
  • prioritise sleep
  • move more often - not just exercise but throughout your day
  • stay hydrated

The thing I love about exercise is that it can help with improvements in sleep and stress management too!

And when you start making healthy choices in one area it often filters through into other areas of your life - so that covers lots of the other bullet points as well!

Heart disease is the biggest killer of women in the UK

And heart health is particularly important for women heading towards menopause 

Oestrogen plays a protective role on the heart - when levels start to lower the amounts of cholesterol in the blood can go up, blood pressure can go up and blood vessels can start to stiffen

This means exercise becomes MORE important as we age

But there are many factors that may stop menopausal women from exercising

  • joints start to ache more
  • muscles may feel stiffer
  • pelvic floor issues are more prevalent
  • changing moods may affect energy levels, motivation, and overall well-being
  • lower self-esteem around body image and capability
  • family and work commitments

My classes and courses are geared around helping women to exercises despite these issues

I have 15 and 30 minute workouts on my timetable, and recordings accessible at any time - making it easier to fit exercise in

I don't just focus on strength and cardio, but have mobility, release and relaxation sessions - helping with stiff and achy muscles and stress relief

And I am a pelvic floor specialist - so can help with pelvic floor fitness and how to keep exercising 

So get in touch if you want help with any of the above

If you want to get started on adding a bit more cardio to your day I have just the thing!

My FREE 5 day online WalkFIt Challenge will give you 5 different 15 minute cardio sessions that will boost your daily activity, increase your energy and put a smile on your face!  All whilst helping your heart and lungs improve

You can find out more and sign up here:

Walkfit 5 day challenge



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