What Is WalkFit and Who Is It For?

I'm nursing a bit of an injury to my achilles at the moment and have had to cut down on how far I walk each day

Friday I was even unsure I would be able to do my class

But WalkFit was actually the perfect thing - enough to mobilise my ankle without over-doing it!

One class member last week also found it the perfect way back into exercise after illness

That's one reason WalkFit is great

For others, it's about easing in to a new fitness habit

Some of the participants who started my Fit in Fifteen course in January are now on their third month of doing it!

They've found that 15 minutes of workouts is much more doable 

And because of that they have kept going and are seeing results!

For my more active members they use WalkFit as a top-up when they are unable to do their normal workouts, or when the weather or childcare keeps them at home

And for those with sedentary jobs it's all about getting a bit more movement in to their day - most of them do the class before work using the recordings.  They tell me that they also feel more energetic and ready for work because of it!

If you would like to start with a low intensity workout of only 15 minutes per day then why no join my FREE WalkFIt challenge!

Join me for 15 minutes per day, either LIVE or do the recording in the Facebook group. PLUS you get the option to join in with my 15 minute mobility session which follows on every Tues-Thurs

What is WalkFit?

A 15 minute indoor walking class set to uplifting music.  You don't need any equipment, very little space, no special clothing, no previous experience

You can do up to around 2000 steps in the 15 minutes

I teach a NEW WalkFit class every weekday at 9am on Zoom - you can also access the replay and do it at ANY TIME

Who is it for?

Anyone who needs a FRESH START in fitness and wants to get started with a gentle and fun programme, top up what they already do, or just get more movement into their day

When does it start?

Monday 18th at 9am for live classes.  But you will be added to the Facebook group from today - so can access any of the recordings in there straight away!

I'd love to see you there - you can sign up here:

Walkfit 5 day challenge


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