The no-nonsense guide to working your pelvic floor

GBP 27.00

Can You Feel It In Your Bum will help you not only feel your pelvic floor but teach you how to engage it properly and effectively too!

By solving the problems of why kegels might not be working for you, you can start to get your pelvic floor fitter 

  • reduce leaking and feelings of urge incontinence
  • ease pelvic pain and feelings of heaviness
  • strengthen the core and reduce back pain
  • feel more confident in your body
GBP 0.00

5 Day online Walkfit Challenge - get 2000 of your steps in every day in just 15 minutes!

Feel less stiff, more energised, more focused and ready to go!

GBP 12.00

Tips, techniques and exercises that will help prevent leaking, ease pelvic pain and reduce prolapse symptoms

GBP 15.00

Just 15 minutes to feel more energised, ease out stiffness and get ready to start your day!

Perfect for beginners, those returning to exercise, pre and postnatal, or anyone who wants to get a few more steps into their day

GBP 0.00

Access to all my classes and a library of recordings - helping you to fit fitness into your busy life and take a time out for yourself!

GBP 8.00

Join me online for a luscious 60 minute stress busting, candlelight lie-down using a hot water bottle to help release tight muscles and relax stressed minds!

GBP 27.00

A four week online course to help you master the basics and kickstart your kettlebell journey!

Join me for a techniques session live on Zoom, followed by a 30 minute class

Lifetime access to the course means you can keep coming back to practice