GBP 97.00

A 7 week course of tips, techniques and exercises to help strengthen your pelvic floor and core

Every week you'll get

  • a different technique to focus on
  • a short routine of exercises and releases
  • a full length class incorporating what you've been learning
GBP 127.00

Weekly emails of postures to focus on and a class to practice technique

the first steps to foot fitness

GBP 27.00
GBP 27.00

15 minute workouts for when you find it hard to fit a full workout in!

GBP 27.00

A four week self-study course to teach you the foundations of Pilates and help you know what you're doing in a Pilates session!

Each module includes a mini-workshop to learn the technique and a 30 minute class that reinforces it

Helping to build your core strength, ease aches and pains, improve your posture, aid relaxation and get better sleep!

The no-nonsense guide to working your pelvic floor

GBP 27.00

Can You Feel It In Your Bum will help you not only feel your pelvic floor but teach you how to engage it properly and effectively too!

By solving the problems of why kegels might not be working for you, you can start to get your pelvic floor fitter 

  • reduce leaking and feelings of urge incontinence
  • ease pelvic pain and feelings of heaviness
  • strengthen the core and reduce back pain
  • feel more confident in your body