mum guilt

I got trolled

I've been posting a lot on Facebook recently as I'm trying to raise my profile a bit

And it's obviously working as I'm reaching more people

But with that come people who aren't really a good fit for what I do

This meant that last week I got trolled on one of my videos 

It was just a simple video - showing hip circles as a way to ease out your back and hips after sitting for a while

So nothing massively fitness about it and nothing controversial

But this bloke said that if I lost some fat t…

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You are the sun

So it’s July and we’re half way through the year. In my business training it’s all about looking at where I am - seeing what’s worked, what’s not and what I need to do going forward.
In my personal life I’m doing the same.
At the beginning of the year I was in New Zealand having the time of my life. I was the happiest I’ve been in a long time. Because of this I brought home a lot of the habits I started there. As a family we were happier too.  So I decided I should put more effort into time out …

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