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I got trolled

I've been posting a lot on Facebook recently as I'm trying to raise my profile a bit

And it's obviously working as I'm reaching more people

But with that come people who aren't really a good fit for what I do

This meant that last week I got trolled on one of my videos 

It was just a simple video - showing hip circles as a way to ease out your back and hips after sitting for a while

So nothing massively fitness about it and nothing controversial

But this bloke said that if I lost some fat t…

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What is the best exercise for a prolapse?

best exercise for prolapse blog

I was asked a few weeks ago for the top exercises someone could do to help a prolapse. 

My answers were:

  1. It depends
  2. Hypopressives

The thing with prolapse is that it can happen because of so many factors and it's not just about strengthening the pelvic floor. 

And even just pelvic floor strength isn't that simple.

The pelvic floor is made up of layers of muscle, going in a variety of directions.

It has links with muscles inside the pelvis and outside the pelvis.

It has connections all…

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Words of advice for new mums

And your first piece of advice is - feel free to ignore this advice.  As a new mum you are likely to get a lot of advice in the next few weeks, most of it unasked for and much of it unwanted.  The biggest thing you can do is take courage, forge your own path and not worry what anyone else thinks.  If there was only one way of doing things then there would be only one parenting book...

The right way to parent

Having said that, here's some things that helped my mums - many of the same things came up…

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